In October later this year I will have the privilege of photographing and sharing an extraordinary day with Mattie and Dimity on their wedding day! These guys tracked me down via social media and the internet google searches and I couldn’t be happier that we’ve found each other. They are sincerely one of the most humble, genuine, and cutest couples I’ve come across. I can really see and admire Matt’s devotion and respect for Dimity and she is equally as loyal and in love with him, its evident and oozing in the air whenever I’m in their company. Saturday we shot their engagement shoot and to say they were nervous would be an understatement haha. But you wouldn’t know it. Once we got these guys focusing on each other and less of me they were on fire and look gorgeous! They rocked the house down and the nailed the shoot to what is one of my favourite Eshoots, check it out!!!!!!!


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