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In case it isn’t obvious I am a Newcastle & Hunter Valley based wedding photographer who has a significantly new appreciation for life and people’s journey’s from intermit meetings to family life.

I’m not going to try and convince you that photography was ever my first love in life. But I have always been an observer of my surroundings, a thinker, and believed there is more to life then work. My interest in photography took place from a high school elective choice. I enjoyed it, moved on with life, relationships and travelled thinking not much of it.  I became passionate about people and began a career in social welfare supporting others with a disability. Photography re-entered my life as a source of relaxation that took me away from a busy lifestyle. I eventually joined the two interests, welfare and people, becoming a portrait and wedding photographer.

I’ve been fortunate to experience many different kinds of love and been a witness to how other express it in their own unique form. But I’ve resisted temptation to settle and whilst meeting people patiently waited for my sole mate. A fallacy I certainly began to tell myself, but my now wife, Rachel rocked my world! I met this exquisite, sensitive, caring and thoughtful person on the internet. She never left my mind since first talking with her and my heart felt passion for Rachel was confirmed when we married in December 2011. My passion for life became saturated with love, happiness and fore-fillment. Already working as a successful wedding photographer, I only felt more driven to share this sense of emotions with other and more importantly document it with images.

More recently in September 2013 my wife went into premature labour, giving birth to our son at a crazy 24 weeks old. After recovering from the initial grief I know feel significantly privileged to come in contact with the staff that care for our son and the other families that are also on a similar journey. By nature I feel life is throwing these challenges of happiness and emotional instability at me to make me not only stronger but to bring me in contact with people. People with stories as unique as mine and moments in there life that need to be recorded. I am a photographer because in photographing my son, at the end of an emotionally charged day my images bring me moments that are real, happy, won’t happen twice, but can be relived and appreciated by means of my frames. So far in my life I can honestly say that I don’t believe there a two more important moments of greatness in life then meeting your life partner and creating your own child.

I look forward to the prospect of meeting you, hearing your epic story and recording your new beginning as husband and wife! Thanks for hanging around to check me out, I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to meet you and discover what makes you both tick.

Please contact me by phone or email for pricing or information.

Full day wedding coverage starts at $2395.

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